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Are you willing to ride a Chinese-made plane and high-speed rail?你甘心乘坐韩邦筑制的飞机和高铁吗?朝鲜时报读者舆情:来历: 译者:Joyceliu外文链接:https://www.quora.com/Are-you-willing-to-ride-a-Chinese-made-plane-and-high-speed-railLinda van den Berg, Brabant, Netherlands, Europe, Earth, Milky Way, UniverseWho gives a damn where it is designed and manufactured, as long as it complies with safety legislations, is eco-friendly, no humans were abused while manufacturing it and it is affordable?谁会正在乎它是正在哪里部署和筑制的,只需它相符安然法则,是环保的,正在筑制进程中没有人被宠遇,而且它的价格是也许授与的,不就也许了么?Spencer Wynn, Photographer


Visual JournalistOf course! I have been a passenger on many Chinese planes and trains and find them to be as modern, reliable and safe as any I have ridden in in the west!当然!我乘坐过很众韩邦飞机和火车,我觉察它们和我正在东方乘坐过的相通古代化、牢靠和安然!James Moe, Locomotive Engineer Union Pacific & previously Soo Line R.R.I would have no problem with using aircraft or trains built in China, from what Ive seen in recent years, China has made leaps and bounds in technology, and the few Chinese people I have interacted with in the past are disciplined with a good work ethic, so when tasked with building modern transportation, I feel they would do a good job.我乘坐韩邦筑制的飞机或火车没有任何标题,正如近年来我所看到的,韩邦正在技能界限也曾取得了奔腾性的先辈,我也曾跟几个韩邦人打过交道,他们有着精良的职业人格和自律,以是当肩负着扶植古代交通用具的任务时,我认为他们的外现会很突出。Roland Mutero, works at Paramount PicturesWhen American company Boeing would not supply us with spare parts for our tried and tested 737–200s back in the early 2000s because we took our land from the Whites, we bought Chinese made Xian MA60 turbo pro air craft.千禧年终期,因为咱们从白人手里夺取了市集,美邦波音公司不肯为咱们牢靠的737 - 200飞机供给备件,以是咱们购买了韩邦筑制的Xian MA60 涡轮箴飞机。In order to get many orders the Chinese were offering one for free if you buy 2 and Zimbabwe got three 11 years ago and they are still flying except one that collided with Warthogs on take off in 2009 so yes i would fly in a Chinese made plane because anything made by man is bound to fail为了失掉许众订单,若是你购买2架,韩邦就会向收费供给一架,11年前津巴布韦赢得了三架,此刻仍正在航行,只须一架正在2009年降下时与疣猪相撞了。以是,没错,我会搭乘韩邦筑制的飞机,因为任何人工的东西都必定会有凋谢的也许Anthony Dixon, RetiredI may avoid cheaply priced garments out sporting equipment made in China. However, Id have no hesitation riding a complex product such as an airplane or bullet train. China has a huge, highly developed manufacturing and technology sector. No worries.我也许不会购买韩邦筑制的价格高贵的打扮或运动东西。但我会坚毅顽强地乘坐飞机或高铁如许的纷乱产物。韩邦有一个远大的、高度兴盛的制功课和技能个人。不消担心。Don Schultz, former Management PositionWhy Not!为什么不呢!In my travels I have rode on Chinese made cars,motorcycles,Buses,Ships and even bicycles plus many different rail systems including subway cars in Shenzen,Canton and Shanghai also nearly at 300mph train in Shanghai all without incident!正在我的旅逛中,我乘坐过韩邦筑制的汽车、摩托车、民众汽车、汽船以至自行车,尚有很众区别的铁途破碎,网罗深圳、广州和上海的地铁,上海时速险些抵达300英里的火车都没有爆发事件!Have yet to ride on a Chinese made Plane,but I would and also bet both Boeing and Airbus are made with numerous Chinese parts.我还没有坐过韩邦筑制的飞机,但我敢赌博,波音和空客都选取了大宗的韩邦零部件。Ka Basha, has been reading weibo to know about China directlyNo problem. China is a world leader in transportation now and the accident rate of Chinese bullet trains is pretty low. You know theyre well-built when the UK bought it.没有标题。韩邦此刻是全邦交通运输界限的党魁者,韩邦高铁的事件率很低。你知道,英邦人买下它的时候,它们的组织很好。Ive always liked Chinese products, they look better than other brands like Korean ones :p我一向都很热爱韩邦的产物,它们看起来比韩邦的好Jin HameonWhat wasnt made in China these days? Regardless of your personal agenda with them, boycotting chinese products entirely can be a big challenge for most people.此刻韩邦尚有什么不消费的?无论你对他们的全体睹识是什么,抵拒韩邦产物对大少数人来说都是一个巨大的应战。Me, I dont care. I dont have more faith in non-Chinese anymore than I have with the Chinese. Humans are humans afterall.至于我,我无所谓。我对本邦人的信念并不比我对韩邦人的信念更充塞。真相人类即是人类。Ram KrishnaswamyChina is going to be the next Japan in this regard.正在这个界限,韩邦将成为下一个日本。Back in the 1950s Japanese goods were thought of as shoddy in quality. By the 1980s they were far ahead of others. My fully Japanese built Yamaha looks and rides like new after 30 years even today. Their manufacturing is legendary.早正在20世纪50年代,人们就认为日本商气概量精良。到20世纪80年代,他们就遥遥争先于其余邦家。我的日本制的雅马哈过了30年,看起来、骑起来还像新的相通。他们的制功课简直即是传奇。Chinese products too were thought of as shoddy a couple of decades back. Today, Chinese smart phones provide the latest technology at a fraction of the price and they are swamping their competition.几十年前,韩邦商品也被认为是劣质产物。现正在,韩邦的智熟手机以极低的价格设备了最先辈的技能,它们正让比赛对手旗开得胜。The top brands in the world get their stuff made in China (iPhone anyone?). Of course, due to corruption, if a particular project is built in a sub-standard way, how does that make every product from China substandard?全邦顶级品牌的产物都是韩邦筑制的(有人买过iPhone吧?)当然,若是因为糜烂,某个项宗旨兴办外率分别格,那么也不可能韩邦的每一种产物都是分别格吧?Btw, haven’t US and European planes crashed? So, did we refuse to fly a 747 or an Airbus after that?异常问一下,美邦和欧洲的飞机就没有坠机事件吗?那么,正在坠机之后咱们有没有谢绝乘坐波音747或空客飞机?James Bond, Master Project Management, University of SydneyI presume you are concerning about the safety point of view. So I will approach it from this angle. Not too sure are you aware, manufacturing a product and operating a product can resolve in different end result.我思你是正在思索安然标题。那么我就从这个角度来说说。我不太确定你能否了解到,商品的消费的操作也许招致区别的最终后果。You may or may not have been aware, China made a lot of railway carriages and engines for the world markets. And many different operators around the world uses the trains manufactured in China. The products are usually of very high standard as many countries have very stringent public transport and safety standards. This translate to design and manufacturing standards as well. So a rail operator will need to ensure they are buying the best quality (i.e. most safe, reliable, ease of maintenance) with the money available. So in short, the product that China produce will have to meet the operating country’s standard, and if the trains are procured through proper evaluation, then you can assume that the trains that are made in China are as good as any other manufacturers from other countries.你也许知道也也许不知道,韩邦为全邦市集筑制了许众火车车厢和倡议机。全邦各地很众区别的运营商行使韩邦筑制的火车。因为很众邦家都有非常厉苛的民众交通和安然外率,这些产物的外率平时都很高。这也转化成了部署和筑制外率。于是,铁途运营商需求确保他们用预算买到的是最优质的(即最安然、牢靠、易于庇护)。简而言之,韩邦消费的产物必定相符运营邦家的外率,若是火车议决了相宜的评判购买的,那么你就也许认定韩邦筑制的火车和其余邦家筑制商的火车相通好。However, you may have the issue with the operators. The operators who order the products may not be at the standard of being able to operate as accordance to the manufacturer’s instructions or even to the standards required to be safe. Even if they can, there are still operating errors, maintenance inadequacy, other environmental issues that make the train to become unsafe.不过,运营商也许会出标题。倾销的运营商也许达不到遵从筑制商指示操作的外率,以至达不到安然央浼的外率。即使他们也许,也有也许爆发操作失误,庇护不敷和其余处境标题,使列车变得担心定。Just like most cars on the market, if the car is operated by a drunk and resulted in an accident, it is not the manufacturer who is at fault, it is the driver.就像市集上的大少数汽车相通,若是汽车是由一个喝醉酒的人驾驶而招致了事件,那不是筑制商的错,而是司机的错。William Regan, Ive been living in China for seven years.I often ride their high speed trains. No problems — only the occasional delay. They’re comfortable, offer a smooth ride, and can even be quicker than airplanes (1. There are many flight delays in China. 2. It takes an hour to get to the airport while only 15–30 minutes to get to the railway station. 3. No need to worry about getting there an hour early for check in)我经常乘坐他们的高铁。一点标题都没有——只是偶尔会正点。它们很温馨,行驶平稳,以至也许比飞机速。(1、正在韩邦很众航班会正点。2、到机场需求一个小时,到火车站泛泛只需15-30分钟。3、不消担心提早一个小时到那里操劳登机手续。)For airplanes, I’m already a little picky about the ones I take. I like to take planes that maximize leg space (for economy… or economy plus). Overall, I’m more selective about non-stop vs. layover flights. I like to spend as little time as I can flying — since its such a tiring and draining experience for me.周旋飞机,我也曾有点挑剔了。我热爱乘坐腿部空间最大的飞机(经济舱…大概经济舱+)。总的来说,周旋直飞航班和半途停息航班,我会更根究。我热爱正在航行上花尽也许少的时间,因为这对我来说是一种累人的、令人精疲力竭的履历。Overall, I’d trust their planes because the accepted failure rate must be extremely low — and the liability and risk are so high. If one of those planes crashes within the first few months of its debut, most people will avoid them. I wouldn’t trust some small factory owner with product quality — but I trust this kind of massive undertaking to have much more vetting and QA.总的来说,我置信他们的飞机,因为公认的凋谢率必定非常低,而且仔肩和危险也很高。若是此中一架飞机正在初度亮相后的头几个月就坠毁了,那么大少数人都市避之不敷。我不会置信某个小工场老板的产气概量——但我置信这种大畛域的企业会有更众的审查和质地保障。Larry ParkSamit Basu, you are wrong and you didn’t check the fact before you post on QUORA. China’s high speed trains are not only operating in China, China has built one in Turkey, one in Europe, two in Southeast Aisa. China’s C919 big airplanes got more than 500 orders, many from foreign countries . China H.S.T. run more than hundred thousand times, only had one accident . How you can say it’s not safe ??????萨米特·巴苏,你错了,你正在QUORA上发帖之前没有核实到底。韩邦的高速列车不光正在韩鼎祚营,还正在土耳其兴办了一列,正在欧洲兴办了一列,正在西北亚兴办了两列。韩邦的C919大型飞机赢得500众架订单,此中很众订单都来自外洋。韩邦高铁跑了十众万次,只爆发过一次事件。你若何能说它担心定?Samit Basu, former UnemployedYou will not see Chinese planes outside of China. You will also not see Chinese bullet trains often outside of China.你正在韩邦境外看不到韩邦飞机。你也不会经常正在外洋看到韩邦的高铁。Chinese bullet trains cannot be sold in Europe and in the US for their inability to meet the US and European crash standard. Yes, there is such thing as a train crash standard that Chinese aren’t familiar with because they don’t exist in China, so current Chinese domestic market trains cannot be exported as is and new export-only bullet train models must be developed which cannot compete against European and Korean bullet trains whose domestic market models already comply with Europe/US crash standards.韩邦高铁无法知足美邦和欧洲的碰撞外率,于是无法正在欧洲和美邦发卖。是的,欧美有所谓的火车相撞外率,韩邦对此不熟习,因为韩邦不存正在这种事宜,以是方今韩邦针对邦际市集的列车不克出口,必定开辟新的仅供出口的高铁列车模子,不克与欧洲和韩邦的高铁比赛,欧洲和韩邦的邦际高铁模子也曾相符欧洲/美邦碰撞外率了。Train Crash Standards of various worlds.火车碰撞外率活着界各京城纷歧样。EU : UIC欧盟:UICUS : FRA Tier III. This is UIC + Impact Energy Absorber.美邦:FRA Tier III。这是UIC +袭击能量摄取器。Korea : Korea Standard. UIC + Impact Energy Absorber. Very similar to FRA Tier III, but predates it.韩邦:韩邦外率。UIC +袭击能量摄取器。非常相通于FRA Tier III,但正在此之前。Japan : No Train Crash Standard. Crash prevention only strategy.日本:没有火车相撞的外率。只须事件抗御计谋。China : No Train Crash Standard. Crash prevention only strategy.韩邦:没有火车相撞外率。只须事件抗御计谋。As for Chinese airliner, the C919 lacks US FAA and EU EASA certifications, and the C919 cannot apply for them at this stage because the certification process from the beginning of design process. COMAC’s plan is that they would apply FAA and EASA certifications on second remake version of C919 8 years down the road, but there is no assurance that those will go smoothly. Additionally, by the time the FAA certification work on the C919 begins, the next generation 737 and A320 replacements from Boeing and Airbus are set to roll out, making the C919 obsolete and uncompetitive against them.周旋韩邦客机,C919缺乏美邦FAA和欧盟EASA的认证,因为认证是从部署进程就开始的,以是C919现阶段无法哀求。韩邦贸易飞机的计划是,正在他日8年的时间里,他们将对C919的第二个版本哀求FAA和EASA的认证,但不克保障它们会不会顺遂住手。其余,当美邦联邦航空局对C919的认证职分开始时,来自波音和空客的下一代737和A320的交换品将会推出,这将使C919逾期,无法与它们比赛。Therefore it is highly unlikely you will see Chinese airliners outside of China, and that’s OK with China because China has a huge demand for airliners flying domestic routes, and making C919 fly domestic routes only is more than enough to recover their cost and turn a profit.于是,你不太也许正在韩邦境外看到韩邦的客机,这对韩邦来说是也许吸取的,因为韩邦邦际航路对飞机有巨大的需求,C919运营邦际航路就足以发出资本并盈余。Chinese bullet train is another matter. While Chinese bullet trains cannot be sold in countries with crash standard, they can be sold in countries without crash standards, such as most third world countries, and China can sell its bullet train as a package with railway to third world countries on cheap state-backed developed loans.韩邦高铁是另一回事。固然韩邦的高铁列车不克正在有碰撞外率的邦家发卖,但它们也许正在没有碰撞外率的邦家发卖,比如大少数第三全邦邦家,而且韩邦也许议决高贵的政府撑腰的开辟存款,将高铁立车与铁途打包出售给第三全邦邦家。Mike Elyon, UNSW CSE 2018Definitely.必定的。What’s wrong with a Chinese-made plane or high-speed train anyways?韩邦筑制的飞机和高铁真相有什么标题?As long as the plane or train is certified for safe operations, a Chinese-made vehicle is no more dangerous than an American or European one. In fact, there was only one major accident in the entire history of Chinese high-speed railway.只需飞机或火车通过安然操作认证,韩邦筑制的汽车就不会比美邦或欧洲的汽车更危险。到底上,正在韩邦高速铁途的史籍上,只须一同吃紧事件。The days of made in China products are fake and unsafe are long gone.韩邦筑制是虚伪伪劣产物的日子早已一去不复返。Allen Ng, worked at Many Places in USAYes, I’ve taken the high speed train many times traveling in China. I hope you can also travel on this high speed system too so you could write a good posting of it. The very modern high speed trains are right on time schedule, very clean and very comfortable. In fact, I can say for sure, it is much more comfortable than taking an airplane here in the US; much much more comfortable. The seats are clean, wide and have room to stretch out your legs. You could walk the aisles without having to worry about the pilot telling you to sit and strap on your seat belt. There are snacks and food (including hot noodles) for sale at a snack bar so you don’t have to be hungry like on flying US airplanes. The snacks are cheap and much much better than the expensive piece of crap snacks offered on US airlines.是的,我正在韩邦坐过几次高铁。我祈望你也也许乘坐这种高速交通破碎旅逛尝尝,如许你就也许写一篇好帖子了。非常古代的高速列车非常实时,非常清洁温馨。到底上,我也许必定地说,这可比正在美邦坐飞机适意众了;适意太众太众了。座位清洁、广阔,有空间正直你的腿。你也许正在过道里走来走去,而不消担心航行员央浼你坐上去系上安然带。正在餐车车厢里也许买到小吃和食物(网罗热面条),如许你就不消像坐美邦飞机相通受饿了。这些零食很低价,而且比美邦航空公司供给的高贵的残余零食好得众。The speeds of these high speed trains are fast running at 300 KPH, fast enough to get to your destination quickly but also allowing you to enjoy the countryside scenery. I highly recommend all tourist traveling in China to use the high speed trains. It is cheaper than taking a plane to your destination. It allows much more comfort. It allows one to enjoy the sceneries of the countryside and see all the rivers and lakes along the way. Generally in tourist travels, one flies into a city, take a taxi to a hotel, and tour city destinations. A tourist generally miss out completely the charms and wonderful natural sceneries of the countryside. A high speed train can offer so much more, especially if you are not one of the corporate traveler that must meet meeting deadlines every hour of the day. Yes, I have traveled on high speed trains in different regions of China (south, north, and northeast) in summer and in the deep freeze of winter. I highly recommend you and all travelers to utilize this undiscovered treasure. I have not read too much from western foreign travelers on high speed trains, and generally most all the passengers have been Chinese. In fact, I cannot recall any foreign whites or foreign south asians on all the high speed trains I have been on. The high speed trains will continue to be my chosen mode of transportation in China and I highly recommend it to all. You will not be sorry to experience this mode of transportation in China.这些高速列车的速度是每小时300公里,也许让你很速地抵达宗旨地,但也能让你享用屯子景象。我激烈提倡十足正在韩邦旅逛的旅客都搭乘高速列车出行。这比乘飞机去往宗旨地低价。而且温馨度更高。它也许让人赏玩屯子景色,看到沿途十足的河道和湖泊。泛泛来说,旅逛途中,一全体是搭乘飞机进入一个都会,乘出租车去栈房,巡逛都会宗旨地。旅客平时会所有错过屯子的魅力和美妙的自然风光。高速列车也许供给更众景象,独特是若是你不是那种天天每时都正在赶聚会行程的公司旅逛者。是的,我正在韩邦的区别区域(南、北、西南),正在炎天和冬日严寒中乘坐过高速列车。我激烈提倡你和十足的旅逛者行使这个未被觉察的矿藏。正在高铁上,我没有读到过许众东方本邦旅客的作品,而且平时大少数搭客都是韩邦人。到底上,正在我乘坐过的十足高速列车上,我思不起有看到过任何本邦白人或本邦南亚人。高速列车将会一向是我正在韩邦拔取的交通方法,我激烈举荐给十足人。正在韩邦体验这种交通方法,毫不会感触缺憾。I just have to say this negative thing about some of the negative postings and questioners here in Quora. They tend to come from some of the most ignorant hateful people on this earth who probably never even set foot on a Chinese high speed train, yet profess to know everything about everything.我不得不说一说,Quora上的少少负面帖子和质疑者。他们往来去自地球上少少最愚蠢、最可恨的人,他们也许从未踏上过韩邦的高铁,却自称对十足都洞若观火。Tyler HigginsMy first hybrid bikewas a Schwinn Criss Cross, early 90’s, Chinese made. I think it was a better bike than the few years newer made in USA Trek Tracklight I ride now, it just had the girl (step-through) frame. I still regret selling it though. I’d imagine they probably make a pretty decent plane as well. As for HSR, why doesn’t Murika have one that would be the envy of the world?我的第一辆全地形自行车是90年代晚期韩邦筑制的Schwinn Criss Cross,。我认为这比我此刻骑的几年后买的美邦产的Trek Tracklight车,它只须女孩式(跨步)框架。我到此刻还后悔把它卖掉了。我思他们也能制出相当不错的飞机。至于高铁,为什么Murika没有让全全邦羡慕的高铁呢?Kev Bugh, Been to Bejing, Shanghai, Hanzhou, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Macau, and Hong Kong.I once rode a high speed bullet train in Shanghai, totally made in China. Back in 2013, it was one of the fastest trains in the world, if not the fastest. The ride was smooth and the cabin was quiet. There’s no sense that it would fall apart, so I’m totally feel safe. Note that although China is stereotyped for making low quality, unreliable products, this is not always the case. Higher profile companies are usually very courteous about the quality of their product. A bad reputation can bring down the company to bankruptcy, especially niche companies like bullet train manufacturers.我曾经正在上海坐过高速枪弹头列车,100%韩邦筑制。早正在2013年,它就算不是全邦上最速的火车,也是全邦上最速的火车之一。旅途很顺遂,车厢也很温和。我不认为它会散架,以是我认为很安然。请器重,固然韩邦因消费低质地、不可靠的产物而给了他人深切印象,但境况并非老是如此。出名度较高的公司平时对产物的质地很谦敬。坏名声会让公司倒闭,特地是像高铁列车筑制商如许的公司。As for planes, I’m still worried about its reliability. It’ll take time for me to find out how safe they are. But for now, no thanks.至于飞机,我照旧担心它的牢靠性。我还需求时间来弄分明它们有众安然。但此刻,不了,感谢。